“Magnificent! Eve Rodsky illuminates the importance of investing in the creative pursuits that make your life more deeply fulfilling.”
—Reese Witherspoon
Front cover of the Find Your Unicorn Space book

What is Unicorn Space?

With her acclaimed New York Times bestseller (and Reese’s Book Club pick) Fair Play, Eve Rodsky began a national conversation about greater equality on the home front. But she soon realized that even when the domestic workload becomes more balanced, people still report something missing in their lives—that is, unless they create and prioritize time for activities that not only fill their calendars but also unleash their creativity.

Rodsky calls this vital time Unicorn Space—the active and open pursuit of creative self-expression in any form that makes you uniquely YOU. To help readers embrace all the unlikely, surprising, and delightful places where their own Unicorn Space may be found, she speaks with trail blazers, thought leaders, academics, and countless real people who have discovered theirs everywhere—from activism to artistic endeavors to second careers.

Rodsky reveals what researchers already know: Creativity is not optional. It’s essential. Though most of us do need to remind ourselves how (and where) to find it. With her trademark mix of research based, how-to advice and big-picture inspirational thinking, Rodsky shows you a clear path to reclaim your permission to have fun, manifest your own Unicorn Space in an already too-busy life, and unleash your special gifts and undiscovered talents into the world.

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Advanced Praise For
Find Your Unicorn Space

“Creativity is built on curiosity, connection, and completion, and Rodsky gives practical suggestions for obtaining these goals despite the limits of COVID-19 and daily challenges… Rodsky's friendly tone is encouraging and reassuring to readers trying to relocate their life’s spark and the time to pursue it."

- Booklist

“Overburdened women are issued a “permission slip” to explore their creativity in this energizing invitation by Rodsky (Fair Play) to pursue passion projects…Whimsical design details and plentiful stories round out an attractive package. It would make for a welcome gift passed around the late-night PTA crowd.”

- Publishers Weekly

"The bottle-neck for women and men breaking through to their highest point of contribution is space. In that space is freedom. In that space is creative expression. This is essential in and of itself. If you want to avoid burning out--physicallly, emotionally, mentally and spiritually--read this gem of a book from the one and only Eve Rodsky. You are as unique as a unicorn, and you need the space to express that."

- Greg McKeown, author of EFFORTLESS and ESSENTIALISM

"In a world that is telling us to do it all and be it all, Eve proposes a radical answer -- bring forth more of you. In Find Your Unicorn Space, Eve brilliantly shares with us the toolbox for how to do just that, and, along the way, gives us permission to breathe life back into ourselves."

- Dr. Pooja Lakshmin MD

"Eve Rodsky manages to pack in just the right amount of intriguing wonder, rigorous research and inspirational first account stories to encourage each of us- with humor- to embrace our own unique unicorn space and amplify it! Find Your Unicorn Space is the antidote to burnout; it's the catalyst for creative discovery and self-expression. And it’s right on time."

- Natalie Nixon, Ph.D., Author of The Creativity Leap

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Exclusive Find Your Unicorn Space Workshop with
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January 14th, 2022

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